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Welcome to Transplant Kids

Why Might You Have Arrived Here?

You may be a child who has had a transplant, a parent, carer, friend or a relative of a child who has received a transplant?

SunPerhaps you are a child yourself who has a sick body part (organ) and may need a transplant to get well again?

Maybe you simply have an interest in transplants, the “Gift of Life”…Even dropped in on us by accident!

No matter what your interest…Child or adult…

WELCOME to Transplant Kids!

We hope that this site can provide you with some answers and be a source of information, contacts and possibly even a way to express your own personal thoughts and feelings via our message board and our personal stories page.

This site has been created and is maintained by a transplant family so we understand to a certain degree how many of you that visit here will feel.

The information here is meant to be in words that a child may understand and not guaranteed to be entirely correct in all cases. Every transplant centre has it’s own protocols and every child is unique so there will always be variations in care and treatment.

Your doctor is THE one you must speak with if you have any worries, questions or problems.


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Who & what is Transplant Kids?

Who & what is Transplant Kids?


TRANSPLANT KIDS 2010 - Organ Donor Awareness


Transplant Kids Forum

TK's forum is the place to visit if you have any questions, advice or simply wish to make contact with others.

To visit the forum click on the "forum" button on the left-hand side the link button will open in a new window to take you to the forum. You can visit as a "guest" and read the posts on the board but will require to register as a member if you wish to join us & post on the boards.



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