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           TRANSPLANT BAG              

Preparing for transplant is one of the hardest things in the world. Of course you can’t prepare emotionally, but there are a few things you have to do to prepare practically, one is packing a transplant bag, here are some ideas:


Day clothes, suitable for being on a ward/ ICU

Night clothes

Toiletries ( Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste & Toothbrush.. etc )

Mobile With Top Up Card ( If on pay-as-you-go tariff) and charger

Something simple to read, either novels or magazines

Nail scissors, an odd yet important thing!

Any medicines you are on


Simple books to read,

Knitting for mums,

Ipod /MP3 Player

DVD for you to watch in the accommodation



Day clothes for when on the ward,

Toiletries ( You will need 2 sets, one for your child and one for you the parents)


A favourite DVD/video,

A Cuddly toy

Some small simple puzzles

A nice board game, something easy like Snakes & Ladders



Camera, notebook with pen, to record your child’s initial post transplant moments.

A big towel, Towels hospital can provide can be rather small, so you may prefer to bring your own.

Photos of family/friends/pets for your child to help them settle down

If you own a Nintendo DS they are a great distraction in hospital!

Hairdryer: For the accommodation, if you have wet hair and need to get back to the hospital quickly




To bring enough things as no one can predict the length of stay, For any electrical equipment bring the right chargers, you should label DVDS, games that you bring for your child the hospital can provide you with stickers but it can help if you do it yourself all you need to put is your child’s name and there hospital number (Which can be found on old appointment letters) and the first line of your address


Thanks  to Emma and her Mum for this :0)