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Oliver's Story


I am 12 years old and had a “Living Donor Kidney Transplant” from my Mum 4 years ago (I called my new kidney “Brian” !)

 I was born with very badly damaged kidneys and at 10 days old (on the night of the Canary Wharf bombing) I was rushed by “blue light ambulance” to Guys’ Hospital in London where the fabulous medical team saved my life. Much of the first year of my life was spent in Guys’ Hospital overcoming major surgery and serious complications.

Up to the age of 8 years old the Doctors and Nurses managed to keep what was left of my kidney function high enough for me to survive . This required nearly weekly hospital visits and stays, tube feeding with prescribed formula and lots of medications. The effects of Chronic Kidney failure included not being able to eat, slow growth, lack of energy and almost constant feelings of being sick.

Now I’ve received my new kidney I can eat and drink normally and my life has been transformed .

However it’s always important to remember that transplantation is a treatment not a cure and comes with some undesirable side-effects and the ever present knowledge that the kidney will reject at some stage (hopefully not for many years to come).

Attending the British Transplant Games has always been an awesome occasion, I have taken part in many sports including Swimming, Running, Table Tennis and Badminton, receiving several medals including gold 2 years in a row for Table Tennis.
It’s a real honour to be chosen to represent the UK at the World Transplant Games in Australia in 2009, especially as 12 years of age is the minimum age for selection.