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Emma's Story

Emma's heart transplant story


Hi I'm Emma

I was born with a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy, which meant my heart was too big, by the time of my transplant my heart was touching my lungs.

 I wasn't meant to see my first birthday, let alone my fifteenth! Having dilated cardiomyopathy meant I couldn't attend school, frequent hospital stays, needing a wheelchair, over twenty medicines and having all sorts of symptoms.


Since my transplant in 2008, my life has been greatly improved, usually I can attend school, my medicines have been reduced, I still sometimes need my wheelchair, but not as often and I don't have any nasty symptoms, although since transplant I've had quite a few hospital stays and as with all transplant journeys plenty of ups and downs, my life is still so different.

Since transplant I've also managed to attend two summer camps where I got to do all sorts of daring activities and have been on family holidays, that I couldn't have even dream of doing before transplant.


I will always be grateful to my donor, as without that person, I wouldn't be here today.

Emma x