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Transplant Kids would like to  thank Making it Better - The Daniel Courtney Trust for their generous contribution towards the annual running costs of the site.


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 Transplant Kids


Who and what is Transplant Kids?

Let me share a little about who we are and how this website came into being...


My name is Catriona (Cat to friends).

 I am the founder of this website, webmaster, administrator & general catsbody!

(OK I admit it's a passion!)

The Gray Family

This is me & the family.

William (my partner) had just ran The Great North Run 2009, raising funds for the Childrens Liver Disease Foundation (just one of the charities we support).


Around 5 yrs ago we were sitting chatting one night about some of the emails we'd received from people who had looked at the website I'd created to tell our son's life story "Aaron's Gift of Life" (no longer online) and that it had given some families hope regarding their own child's future.

It was Aaron's Dad, William, who suggested creating a website with a forum for children and their families about organ transplants, the name "Transplant Kids" quickly followed and we ranted with excitement. We knew there wasn't anything quite like it, the information on the internet tended to be all adult orientated & organ specific, nothing was geared up for children and their families.

It took a fair wee bit of research and finding suitable graphics as well as getting the content proof read by some play specialists and transplant consultants and after a few months Transplant Kids was created.

Transplant Kids went live the 1st year Aaron attended the British Transplant Games in Norwich in August 2004. It was pretty quiet for sometime but soon the word got out and links were made to the site from all over the UK and around the world some like the USA and Australia.

A world of a difference

Organ donation & organ transplantation really does make a world of a difference!


It's still a fairly quiet corner of cyberspace but the forum now has over 100 members consisting of families with children who may need a life saving organ transplant, children who have received an organ transplant, families of children who have received an organ transplant, donor families and organ transplant related charities as well as the odd health professional. They are not all active posters but we do have a nice wee community.

We are not a charity nor an organization, we are quite simply a family affected by organ donation/transplantation who set up & maintain the website ourselves. Up until the past few years we were self funded (out of our own pocket) but now we are thankful to be in receipt of a kind donation of financial support covering some of the website’s running costs from a wonderful little charity called Making it Better - The Daniel Courtney Trust.


Our aim is to offer relevant information, mutual support through TK's Forum, contacts & links to appropriate organizations & charities as well as creating much needed organ donor awareness.

We send out TK's e-newsletter (via email) every month to keep our forum members updated on what's going on in TK's Forum and in the transplant community in general.

I keep the site and forum running relatively smoothly with the occasional "cry for help" from my techy webwise friend Col.

It truly makes it all worthwhile when we get feedback from people who have found what they were looking for in Transplant Kids, that it's achieved what we initially intended it to do.

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